The Covenant Group (CG)

It's been such a joy to know the wonderful people in my CG... We've really gone through much - from one CG all the way before I started attending Covenant EFC in 2001, to multiplication in 2003 and subsequently to increased growth again...


Covenant Group Photos


Web of Friendship (May 02)


Pengerang Trip (Jun 02) 


Jason's Birthday (Oct 03)



Christmas Eve Dinner (Dec 03)



Chinese New Year Feast (Feb 04) 



CG BBQ (Mar 04)



Fun @ Church Camp (Jun 04) 



Zhongji & Yisi's Wedding (Jun 05) 



DK & Audrey's Wedding (Dec 05) 



Men-in-Black (Dec 05) 



Victor & Yane's Wedding (Mar 06) 



Ivan & Celine's Wedding (Mar 06) 



CG Christmas Photos Dec 2003 



Mark's Photo Page


Covenant EFC Photos