Youth Ministry Memories


2002 was an eventful year. That year I answered the call of God and took the step of faith to serve in Covenant EFC's youth ministry. I never looked back.


WEB Ministry Photos


Youth Day Choir (Jun 03)


Youth Day Service (Jun 03)


Soul Survivor 2 Camp (Dec 03)



Synergy Conference (Mar 04)


Synergy Worship (Mar 04)


WEB @ Church Camp (Jun 04) 


Trailblazers WEB Group Photos


WEB Group (Oct 03)


WEB Group Post-Christmas Lunch (Dec 03)

Joseph & Tim's Baptism (Apr 04)


WG @ West Coast (May 04) 



WG @ Church Camp (Jun 04)



WG Multiplication (Aug 04)



WG @ Sentosa (Nov 05)



WEB Baptism Service (Nov 05)



Soul Survivor Camp (Dec 2003) 

Joseph & Tim's Baptism Photos (Apr 2004) 

Mark's 29th Birthday Celebrations (Jan 2006)

Prayer Picnic cum TreeTop Trek (Mar 2006)



Mark's Photo Page


Covenant EFC Photos