Writing – the inner desire to communicate the aspirations of the soul….

It’s really a beautiful experience to be able to convey one’s thoughts and innermost words to others. Like photographs, a written work is a snapshot of the author’s ideas at a particular instance. Photographs yellow and age with time; more often than not, they’re set aside in the closet and forgotten. But when the dust of time finally settles down, they are unearthed and valued as priceless treasures, invaluable representations of an era long gone. That’s because they capture the essence and spirit of the moment.

Similarly, writing captures the thought processes, ideas and mood of the moment. After an idea or thought is captured on paper, it’s no longer the same as when it was conceived. The broad elements of such an idea or thought still remain imprinted on the chosen medium of expression. However, the finer essence of that idea will forever be lost, because only at that minute instance did the idea actually live within the mind of its originator. But ideas, like vibrating atoms and molecules, are never able to stay in their primary form, but change in their composition as they develop and grow. Hence that original conceived idea would probably have been altered beyond recognition.

Writing can thus capture the thought processes and ideas of a generation, and preserve them beyond the life span of that time period. Often, these snippets of life are closeted away in some forgotten area, but an occasional find can unearth these hidden treasures, the relics of another time and place. And they can speak with the same authority and power as when they were first written…

This snapshot on Writing was penned by Mark Lim Shan-Loong on 10th May 1998.


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