Each of us have our own journey to make. How long? How far? I donít know. Sometimes the road is easy to walk and Iím singing and dancing as I merrily prance along the path. Yet other times the road meanders and I wonder when Iíll ever get to the end. But I faithfully and painstakingly plough along step after step after step. Then there are the crossroads, when left or right seems to look the same. And I pause to observe which way the people around me head. It helps, when they generally tend to take the same path, and Iíll casually follow along. But when I get to the junction and no oneís in sight, thatís tough. I stand there long enough to decide which way to go, before cautiously taking small steps in that direction. Itís even more difficult during the times when everyone seems to be heading one way, and deep down I know thatís the wrong way to go. So I stop, and I wait, and I think. Then I list all the fears that could materialise should I go the wrong way alone. But when I finally choose whatís right to me, itís a deep sigh of relief. And I know that nothing can shake my confidence in what I choose. 

There are times when I get bored of travelling alone, and long to have a companion to journey with. There are those who come along and stay for but a brief spell. These are people Iím happy to meet, but am also able to bid farewell with relative ease. Then there are others who comes along, and linger for awhile; long enough for me to enjoy a relative state of closeness. But our paths diverge and I reluctantly part with these people Iíve come to grow fond of. More painful to say goodbye to are the ones who seem to journey alongside with me for a prolonged period of time. Itís almost as if theyíd stay with me throughout my journey. But the day comes when we suddenly realise weíre walking in different directions. Itís then that I find it so hard to let go, of these people whoíve become so dear to me. Of course thereíre the special few who will journey alongside with me all the way. I search high and low for such people, and try as I might, theyíre so elusive to find. But the ones I least seem to consider, are the ones whoíll stick by me through thick and thin.  

Each of us have a journey to make. Iíve come to realise itís not how long or how far the journey is. Whatís important is how we travel along the journey; the choices we make and how we stand by them. Iíve also realised that itís important who we journey with and how far theyíll come alongside with us. Not the beautiful, hi-bye people who stay but a brief spell with us, but the faithful ones whoíll go with us no matter where, no matter what. 

I am on a journey. I know not where Iím heading. But I know One whoíll be with me all the way.

This article was written by Mark Lim Shan-Loong on 20th June 2003.


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