Words from the Heart


I love writing and have often found joy in expressing how I feel in the form of words. The following are excerpts of my deepest thoughts, penned on the spur of the moment or during the times I'm inspired to write. I hope they'll reach into the inner recesses of your heart, just as they've come from deep within mine. 

An insight into the heart of writing:

All he ever wanted 
A Dance of Life
Face to Face without a Mirror - A Tribute to the Bijani Twins
Finding Nemo 
First Love
Footprints in Time
I have decided to follow Jesus
I will be true
If I can change the world 
Journal Snapshots
Reflections from the Hill (Fraser's Hill Retreat 10-13 Sep 03) 

When I am in the centre of all I think, you will never be in the centre of my thoughts. For if you are in the centre of my thought, I have no need to be there at all...

- just a thought from Jason Lee & Mark Lim 


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