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The written word articulates many of our thoughts and emotions. In the following pages, I have put together a sampling of works from various fields and disciplines. May these academic pieces stimulate you in your thirst for knowledge. Kindly contact me if you would like to discuss any of the arguments in the essays, or would like to contribute in any way to The Writing Page.


Major Theoretical Schools of International Relations
Socioeconomic Inequality & the Organ Trade - A Commentary new_small.gif (111 bytes)


The American Involvement in Vietnam
Inside The Insider


Boundaries & Social Order in Colonial Africa
Military Rearmament in Germany
The Prosperity Border - Post-Cold War Transitions in Eastern Europe
The Quest for European Supremacy - Power, Consensus & Security in Western Europe
South Asia
The British "Civilising Mission" & its Legacy on India's Political Culture
Nuclear Power & Security in South Asia

Northeast Asia

China & the Korean War
Cross-Strait Tensions in Taiwan - a Potential "Flashpoint" of the Asia-Pacific Region?
Mao Zedong & Personal Power
The Sleeping Dragon Awakes - The Rise of China & the Future of International Security
Tradition & Change - Examining Gender Roles in Japan
Southeast Asia
ASEAN in the Cold War & Post-Cold War Eras
Gus Dur's Indonesia - One Year On?
The Indonesian Middle Classes & the New Order
Indonesia: A Country in Flux
Perception & Memory - The Vietnamese "Nation" in History
The Vietnamese "Nation" in the Trinh-Nguyen Era (1600-1771)
Addressing Class Inequality: Singapore's Education System & the Class Divide
The Chinese Wedding - Reflections of Then & Now new_small.gif (111 bytes)
The Gifted Education Programme in Singapore
"Shared Values" - Their Role in Singapore's Evolving Ideological Framework
Singapore 21 & Nation Building
Singapore's Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era


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